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Giving Tuesday

Your Real Stories believes in the importance of supporting and engaging young journalists as we work to tell stories of the shared human experience through our unique theatrical journalism model. We also believe strongly in the importance of providing opportunities that are attainable regardless of financial limitations. For these reasons, Your Real Stories is excited to announce our plans for a paid student apprenticeship program, which will create a learning and working position for a journalism student interested in thoughtful, impactful, creative journalism. We are launching this campaign as part of #GivingTuesday at midnight on December 3rd, when we hope to raise $6,000 to fund the start of the apprenticeship program.

Will you help us create this opportunity?


Where we are headed

Your Real Stories has gathered over a hundred hours of audio and video of storyteller interviews and recordings of our live performances. We are convinced that we must share our St. Petersburg-based storytelling model with the rest of the state, the country and the world.

You Can Help Move Us Forward

We have funding and volunteer opportunities for individuals, partners and sponsors. Let us know your support interests. Thank You!


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